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For the fourth interview of season four, I am joined by mental game expert, David MacKenzie. David has been in the golf psychology industry for over ten years and has helped numerous players at the highest level. David and I discuss the fundamentals of the modern mental game including:

  • The Modern Mental Game
    • How golf psychology has changed 
    • What you can learn from tour pros
    • Adversity on the golf course
    • Meditation
  • Development and Measurement
    • What others will think
    • Dealing with pressure as you improve 
    • Personality type and the mental game
    • Quantifying the mental game
  • Expectations and Pressure
    • Expectation management
    • The pressure to score
    • Mental game practice
  • The Pre-round Routine
    • Pre-round routine
    • Putting better mentally
    • External Influences
    • Mental Game for College

David’s Book Recommendation:

The Mindful Golfer: How to Lower Your Handicap While Raising Your Consciousness by Stephen Altschuler (

David’s Book:

Golf State of Mind: How to Develop The Mental Game of A Champion (

David’s Ultimate Mental Game Training Program: 

10 years of coaching and research into human performance has helped me create the best possible program to teach the mental game. In this program, you’ll get 7 step-by-step modules designed to improve your mental game in a matter of weeks. Each module has an audio and text version and comes with weekly exercises to complete before moving to the next module.

Learn More! 

Where to find David:




In This Episode


Carter Stroup


Carter is an elite junior golfer, entrepreneur, and creator/host of The Perfect Par podcast.


David MacKenzie

Mental Game Expert

David MacKenzie is a golf mental game expert and author.

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