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For the sixth interview of season four of The Perfect Par podcast, I am joined by the creator of DECADE Golf, Scott Fawcett. Scott first appeared on the podcast in episode eight of season two where we discussed the benefits of DECADE. This time, we attack common misconceptions of high-level golf in addition to the future of the game including:

  • Playing only one shot shape
    • Why one shot shape is better
    • Irons VS Driver
    • Optimizing the shot pattern
  • The “problem” with distance
    • Is distance actually a problem?
    • The solutions
    • The problem with bifurcation
  • LIV Golf
    • Is LIV Golf good for the game?
    • Will it survive?
    • The problems and benefits LIV has created
  • Strokes gained
    • What is strokes gained?
    • How should you use it?
    • Is it better than traditional stats?
  • The future of DECADE Golf

Scott’s Book Recommendation:

The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin (

About DECADE Golf:

DECADE Golf has solved golf strategy by combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics. When Scott combined those two data sets he created a simple way to optimize target selection. DECADE quickly generates the optimal target that will produce the lowest score based on distance, hazards, and hole location.

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Where to find Scott:




In This Episode


Carter Stroup


Carter is an elite junior golfer, entrepreneur, and creator/host of The Perfect Par podcast.


Scott Fawcett

Problem Solver

Scott Fawcett is the creator of the course management system, DECADE.

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