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The Perfect Par is back and better than ever for season two. This year, there will be a new episode every week. Two weeks a month will be with a fellow junior golfer, and the other two will be with well-known sports psychologists, golf coaches, fitness coaches, and more!

In this episode, I am joined by Nashville junior golfer, Lucas Herring. Lucas and I met at an event in June of 2020. We have since become good friends.

We talk about our equipment, what’s new, and what companies we don’t like. We discuss our predictions for the 2021 season on the PGA Tour. Mental game is another topic discussed.

In This Episode


Carter Stroup


Carter is an elite junior golfer, entrepreneur, and creator/host of The Perfect Par podcast.


Lucas Herring

Junior Golfer

Lucas Herring is a junior golfer from Nashville, TN.

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